Petroleum and Petrochemicals

Petroleum and Petrochemicals includes New Technologies and Discoveries related to petroleum products, Chemical processes, Petrochemistry, Future targets, Marine and Petroleum Geology and Chemical Engineering. Petrochemicals, also called petroleum condensates, are chemical products derived from petroleum. The different petrochemical applications in industries are the key factors of the growth in this sector. The future brings more and more potentials for the petrochemical industry as a supplier of basic materials. Petrohemical industry favours integration due to obtain secure, low cost feed supply, enhance by-product stream value, minimize cost structure. This  industry is a wide-ranging, creating a variety of chemical products.
The petroleum industry is involved in the global processes of exploration, extraction, refining, transporting (often with oil tankers and pipelines, conveyers), and marketing petroleum products. The manufacture of valuable petrochemicals from low-valued petroleum products has been the main attractive option for the refining industry investing in the petrochemical industry. Thus, modern refineries are, in fact, refinery cum petrochemical complexes.

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