Advanced Technological Applications

Technological innovation has been the hallmark of the oil and industry from its earliest days. It allows the industry to get more probable oil or gas deposits. Newer stimulation technologies, treatment fluids and enhanced renewed techniques allow the oil or gas to move more easily to digging wells. It includes  Information Technology which has always been proved as the backbone for better global network. Programming, Big Data and Analytics for Oil and Gas, variation in Architecture and Governance, Data management, IT groundwork and Service Management and Collaborative. IT Project plays an important role in Oil and Gas sector, Petroleum Geoscience and Pipeline Control.

 The successful application of new technologies has literally expanded the reach of the industry's drills to "frontier fields", allowing drilling and production in intolerant environments, and remote and challenging locations. Other new technologies include cable-free land seismic data acquisition, which can be mostly useful since it can reduce the costs of on-land seismic data collection, time-lapse or 4D seismic monitoring, Carbon Capture and Storage.With the greater collaboration on R&D activities, this common challenge  can be attended together - and continue to reach new boundaries in oil and gas industry.


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