Global Oil and Gas

There is a worldwide demand for Oil and Gas which is not going to decline for decades. EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) expects global consumption of petroleum and oil fuels to continue to grow by 1.2 million b/d in 2016 and by 1.5 million b/d in 2017. Dubai, UAE and Qatar countries in Asia hold among the most important sites present in the world Oil and Gas scenario and world conserve. There are also continental Oil and Gas growths, Challenges and issues in Oil and Gas developments, Gas industry and profession, Global Price influence and Price Monitoring and methods of pollution control which control the economy. Looking at the future, a tenable, long-term goal would be to produce 70% of the resource base of conventional or prevailing oils and 30% of the unconventional extra bulk oils. And for this, enhanced oil recovery (EOR) approach is the only alternative.

With rising global energy demand, the oil and gas industry has a wide range of challenges and opportunities across the different production streams and oilfield services sectors. The past two years have seen a significant build-up in oil companies planned investments in unconventional oil and gas plays, with a marked increase in joint enterprises and acquisitions.


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